YGMS 2014 - Program

Location: Stoeckel Hall (469 College Street)
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Saturday, 1 March 2014

8:00-8:45          Conference registration

8:45-9:30          Breakfast & Welcome

9:30-11:00        Session 1: World Views (Joshua Gailey, Chair)

  • Emilie Coakley (Yale Institute of Sacred Music) - Sounding a History of Faith: Psalm 136 as Musical Cultural Memory for the Abayudaya Ugandan Jews
  • Benjamin Dobbs (University of North Texas) - Competing Cosmologies: Christian and Neoplatonic Representations in Early Triadic Theory
  • Nicholas Stevens (Case Western Reserve) - Mrs. Sweeny Agonistes: On Misogeny, Affect, and History in Powder her Face

11:00-11:30       Break

11:30-13:00       Session 2: Performance (Andrew Chung, Chair)

  • Garreth Broesche (University of Wisconsin-Madison) - Glenn Gould and the Montage of Interpretations
  • Joseph Fort (Harvard University) - Haydn, Bar Jokes, and Minuets: The 1792 Ball of the Gesellschaft der bildender Künstler
  • John Klaess and Peter Selinsky (Yale University) - We Eatin’: Performance and Identity through Musicians’ Cookbooks

13:00-14:00       Lunch

14:00-15:30       Session 3: Form and Syntax (Becky Perry, Chair)

  • Owen Belcher (Eastman School of Music) - Interpreting Double Syntax and Transformation in Two Mussorgsky Songs
  • Sebastian Wedler (Oxford University) - On the Genealogy of Webern’s Lyrical Physiognomy
  • Jeffrey Ensign (University of North Texas) - “Work Bitch”: Hybrid Forms in Top 40/EDM Songs

15:30-16:00       Break

16:00-17:30       Workshop - Professor Daniel Harrison (Yale University)
                         Tonal Music after the emancipation of Dissonance

17:30-19:00       Wine and cheese reception

Sunday, 2 March 2014

8:00-9:00          Breakfast

9:00-10:30        Session 4: Musical Narratives (Jonathan Guez, Chair)

  • Etha Williams (University of Minnesota) - Making Music Speak: Instrumental Recitative and Affective Eloquence in Three Eighteenth-Century Concerto Movements
  • Cora Palfy (Northwestern University) - Antihero Worship: The Emergence of the “Byronic Hero” Archetype in the Nineteenth Century
  • Scott Hanenberg (University of Toronto) - Competing Interests: Form, Programme, and Leitmotifs in Pelleas und Melisande

11:00-12:30       Keynote Address - Professor Robert Gjerdingen (Northwestern University)
                         The Institutionalization of Apprenticeship in the Great Conservatories: 
                         A Cognitive Interpretation of a Non-Verbal Practice.

12:30-13:30       Lunch