YGMS 2014 - Organizational

Organizational Chair - Annelies Andries

Program Committee: Stefanie Acevedo, Annelies Andries, Angharad Davis, Marissa Glynias, Daniel Goldberg, Jonathan Guez, Marco Ladd, Kamala Schelling

Food/Hospitality: Stefanie Acevedo, Angharad Davis, Stuart Duncan, Kamala Schelling

Financial Management: James Park

Website: Tahirih Motazedian

Communications: Annelies Andries, Andrew Schartmann

YGMS would like to thank the following individuals for their generous logistic support:

Professor James Hepokoski, Chair of Music Department
Kathryn Harbinson, Leah Jehan, and Sue Penny, Office Staff of the Music Department

YGMS would like to thank the following organizations for their generous financial support:

Allen Forte Fund
GSAS Dean’s Fund