YGMS 2008 - Program

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Location: Sterling Memorial Library (130 Wall Street) 

8:00-8:50          Registration & Breakfast

8:50-9:00          Opening Speech: Chair of Department of Music, Professor Daniel Harrison

9:00-10:30        Session 1: Modernism Reconsidered (Anna Gawboy, Chair)

  • Seth Monahan (Yale University) - Rethinking the ‘Alma’ Theme in Mahler’s Sixth Symphony
  • John Z. McKay (Harvard University) - Musical Analysis and the ‘Radical Empiricism’ of William James: Perceived Structures in Webern’s Fifth Bagatelle
  • Stephen Smith (New York University) - ‘Two will become only one’: Angelic Erotics and Schoenberg’s ‘Seraphita,’ Op. 22, no. 1

10:30-10:45       Break

10:45-11:45       Session 2: Rhythm & Function (Joseph Salem, Chair)

  • Gabriel Miller (The Ohio State University) - The Death and Resurrection of Function
  • Martin Kuster (Cornell University) - Marpurg’s Meters and the Problem of the Solution

11:45-1:30         Lunch Break

1:30-2:30           Session 3: Music as Language & Language as Music (Esther Morgan-Ellis, Chair)

  • Julie Strand (Wesleyan University) - Speech Surrogate in the Sambla Baan: Communication in Rhythmic and Modal Context
  • Justin Schell (University of Minnesota) - The Rhyming of History: Verbal Sampling in Hip-Hop

2:30-2:45           Break

2:45-3:45           Session 4: Analysis of Popular Music (Christopher White, Chair)

  • Eric Smialek (McGill University) - Necroversive Semiosis: Toward a Form-Functional Analytical Model for Extreme Metal
  • Christine E. Boone (University of Texas) - Analyzing the Rutles: The Music and Identity of the Pre-Fab Four

4:00-5:30           YGMS Reception

8:30-late             Gamelan Klenegan (Hendrie Hall, 165 Elm Street)
                          featuring the Gamelan Suprabanggo, Yale University Javanese Gamelan Ensemble and the New England Gamelan Consortium

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Location: Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium (53 Wall Street) 

8:15-9:00          Registration & Breakfast

9:00-11:00        Sonata Theory Workshop led by Professor James Hepokoski
                         Beethoven, Symphony No. 2, first movement

11:00-11:15      Break

11:15-12:15      Session 5: Looking Beyond the Surface (Christopher Brody, Chair)

  • Eunjin Lee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) - Harmonic Illusion in Ligeti’s Second Book of Piano Etudes: Galamb Borong, Der Zauberlehrling, En Suspens, Entrelacs
  • Mark Seto (Columbia University) - Intertextuality and Identity in Vincent d’Indy’s Istar

12:15-12:30      Break

12:30-1:30        Session 6: Cultures within Cultures (Karen Jones, Chair)

  • Meera Varghese (University of Alberta) - Becoming the Goddess: Dance and Embodiment of Feminine Identity in the Indian Diaspora
  • Rebecca Cypess (Yale University) - The Community as Ethnographer: Views of the Classical Canon among Orthodox Jews

1:30                  YGMS Luncheon (Optional)